Scrip is a great way to save money on St. Bernadette School tuition, CCD tuition and high school tuition. For Grocery Scrip, you will get a voucher for 4% of every dollar spent at Acme, FreshGrocer, Giant, Pathmark, SuperFresh, Kohl’s, Swiss Farms and Colonial Village. These vouchers can be used as payment toward tuition.

Grocery scrip is available daily for purchase from the home sellers: 

– Megan Kearney 610-446-4219
– Karen Rollo 610-789-1531
– Carolyn Frank 610-220-8716
– On Monday from 6:30pm – 8pm in the school gym (When CCD is in session)   

Our National Scrip Program includes gift cards to hundreds of retailers, airlines & restaurants providing a 3% tuition voucher for every dollar spent. This scrip is ordered through Megan Kearney. For a complete list of participating companies, go to If you have any questions, call Megan Kearney at or 610-446-4219. 

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